Extractor Fans

ducting fan

Extractor fans are very important in any working environment in terms of ventilation supply or extract either in the factories, saw dust extraction, kitchen extraction systems canopies), mines, toilets, offices etc. Sm SysTems would assist the customer in identifying the correct supply or extractor fan because the use differs from application to another and the … Read more Extractor Fans

Kitchen Extractor / Extraction canopies / hoods

All restaurants are bound by law to use a kitchen extractor canopy as specified by SANS 1850:2012. The kitchen extractor canopies when installed are so helpful in terms extracting the smoke from the kitchen to outside the kitchen. These canopies must have filters and grease drawers for the purpose of transporting the fat that is … Read more Kitchen Extractor / Extraction canopies / hoods



We are Manufacturers of all types of ducting is South Africa. We manufacture a range of ducting; square ducting, round ducting, square to round, reducers, spigots, all bends, plenum boxes, filters also can be custom made. Our products are made in galvanize, stainless steel and mild steel. The bends are made with a gore machine that make … Read more Ducting

The advantages of Evaporation Coolers/Air-Conditioners


Sm SysTems offer a distinctive range of products and services. We offer premium HVAC products, Kitchen Extractor Canopies, Spiral Ducting as well as Air-Conditioning services. Evaporative coolers reduce the operating costs as opposed to a traditional air conditioners. The sustainability of the evaporative coolers are also beneficial for the environment as they are cleaner alternatives … Read more The advantages of Evaporation Coolers/Air-Conditioners

Foundry Furnace Custom Made Extraction System


Sm Systems has a versatile range of extraction systems and units which are customised to suit individual operational requirements and contexts. A foundry furnace can be utilised in a factory that produces metal castings and can be moulded from a liquid once the metal has solidified. The most commonly used metals include cast iron and … Read more Foundry Furnace Custom Made Extraction System