We are Manufacturers of all types of ducting is South Africa. We manufacture a range of ducting; square ducting, round ducting, square to round, reducers, spigots, all bends, plenum boxes, filters also can be custom made. Our products are made in galvanize, stainless steel and mild steel.

The bends are made with a gore machine that make them so beautiful, strong and not prone leaks at all. No reverts are used on these bends. Our ducting is used in all extraction systems, kitchen extractor canopies, ventilation systems; air-conditioning systems, extractions in the offices and factories for dust extraction including in the mines.

Contact Us Today, Sm SysTems ensure good quality, good service and good installation. You are also kindly invited to come to inspection of our well-equipped factory and machines ready to do any size of production that might be required by any client.