Foundry Furnace Custom Made Extraction System


Sm Systems has a versatile range of extraction systems and units which are customised to suit individual operational requirements and contexts.

A foundry furnace can be utilised in a factory that produces metal castings and can be moulded from a liquid once the metal has solidified. The most commonly used metals include cast iron and aluminium.

Our solutions are ideal for applications such as fume extraction and filtration. When operations take place in an industrial context or factory, there are a multitude of fumes that are released through a combination of chemicals. The extraction system assists in removing hazardous compounds from releasing into the atmosphere.

The emissions can be found in areas such as welding facilities, spray booth areas as well as dense and hot areas of operations. The components of the dust particles are extracted and placed into a duct component for the control system of the factory. The foundry extraction system includes where possible if not to be heated the vent filters with dust aspiration units and axial fans to increase the air production.

Sm SysTems is a company that is at the forefront of adhering to highest industry standards, health care and safety regulations.

Contact Sm SysTems for a comprehensive range of custom made extraction systems. Sites are visited by our site inspector to verify the site and the size of the required extraction. Some systems are made to swivel so as to be away from the casting area pot.