The advantages of Evaporation Coolers/Air-Conditioners


Sm SysTems offer a distinctive range of products and services. We offer premium HVAC products, Kitchen Extractor Canopies, Spiral Ducting as well as Air-Conditioning services.

Evaporative coolers reduce the operating costs as opposed to a traditional air conditioners. The sustainability of the evaporative coolers are also beneficial for the environment as they are cleaner alternatives to normal air conditioning units.

Evaporative coolers are also a cost-effective alternative to reducing the utility bill as the evaporative coolers can be used in both hot and dry conditions, without the need for substantial moisture in the air.

Air conditioners prevent electronics from overheating and enhance the natural air ventilation in an establishment. The health benefits associated with implementing an air conditioner in your home or work establishment includes increasing productivity for the workforce and reduces the risk of heat stroke in severe heat waves.

Additional advantages of the evaporative cooling systems include lower Carbon Oxide emissions as well as the minimal maintenance required and inexpensive installation of the unit. Sm SysTems is a professional an accredited manufacturing company and always ensures that the operations of our air conditioners create the least amount of noise and offers an exceptional limited warranty clause on each and every unit.

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